Turnarounds at Deer Park

Turnaround is regular maintenance that ensures the safe and reliable operations of our site. It’s similar to the routine maintenance that we perform on our vehicles to ensure they’re running properly. With an industrial turnaround, we shut down some of the units to inspect, repair and clean them so we can continue to produce the products that fuel our world and are the solutions for our future. 

People Powering Progress

This is one of Deer Park’s largest turnarounds with up to 6,000 additional workers, coming from the US Gulf Coast, to help us complete the work. Our contract workforce has already started arriving to support the Big Block Turnaround. The site will begin shutting down equipment in October and the turnaround will continue until mid-November.

Keeping Traffic Flowing

We recognize that the influx of contract workers means there will be extra traffic on the road. To alleviate this, we’re staggering shift change (between 5:30 – 7 a.m. and p.m.) to avoid peak commute hours and partnering with HCTRA to build a BWY8 bypass road, opening new 225 routing, and using entrance and exit points across the site.

Flaring During Turnaround

As we shut down and restart the different pieces of equipment for the turnaround, neighbors may notice increased flaring. The flare is a safety device we use to bring the equipment down and back up safely. The flare burns excess hydrocarbon that cannot be recovered or recycled – this “treatment” allows us to reduce potential emissions by at least 98%.

Steam Venting

During typical operating conditions, we generate and recycle steam to recover heat that would otherwise be wasted and use it as a clean source of power in turbines to drive pumps, compressors and other equipment. In a turnaround event, we don’t need as much steam and therefore vent the excess water vapors to the air which can result in a humming noise and produce white steam clouds near our units.

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