Message from the president

As president/CEO of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce, I would like welcome you to Deer Park’s only business organization working full-time to do what no person can do by him or herself for the City of Deer Park. You might ask yourself, “What does he mean?” Let me explain.

The Deer Park Chamber of Commerce is the business community focused on working together to enhance the economic vitality of our members and the quality of life in Deer Park.

As a member, this is YOUR Chamber of Commerce. We want to be considered your most valuable, yet lowest paid employee, taking as much interest as a partner but leaving you to be the boss. Many business and professional executives voluntarily work on committees to improve your business opportunities and living enjoyment in Deer Park.

In serving businesses interested in doing business in Deer Park, we are devoted to activities designed to create more community wealth. We collectively look for solutions to your business concerns in order to make your business prosperous.